September 2010

I have to come clean – I used to watch “Boy Meets World” back in the day. The show wasn’t very good but I had it bad for Topanga. I wanted to do her in the worst way. And after finding out Danielle Fishel likes fucking girls my appreciation – and my cock – for her rose even more.

Here’s Danielle looking fetching in a skirt that makes me want to fuck Topanga until we’re both covered in sweat.

Sometimes a picture says it all.

Well hello there.

In this behind-the-scenes pic from “Iron Man 2” we get a terrific example of why Scarlett Johansson is a star. Not every actress has that certain “it” quality that makes the camera fall in love with you. Not every actress has that special gift to take a role and make it her own in a way that completely transforms the character and the storyline into something magical that will not soon be forgotten. It’s clear based on this pic that Scarlett has that certain something and it’s why she’s such a big star.

Oh what the fuck am I saying. She has amazing tits.

End of story.

When some women get married they forget all about the sex appeal. They figure the days of looking hot to lure a man are over because they already got themselves one. So the hotness that once made men and some women drool is put in the closet along with their mini-skirts and thongs.

Thank God for Hilary Duff. Even though she married a total douche she’s still making sure everyone knows she’s a hot piece of ass. Maybe she realizes she married a douche and wants to keep her hotness out there for the next best thing who cums along.

Like me.

Yeah, that makes perfect sense. And to that I say …

Work it girl. Work it.

Rachel Bilson and I share a unique and special love. Her beauty captivates me. Her smokin bod arouses me. And the fact she knows she has a smokin bod and is always wearing tight pants leaves me enchanted.

I want to make sweet magic love to her, the kind she never got when she was “dating” the gay kid from the horrible “Star Wars” films. Our love would be wonderful together, Rachel. We both know it to be true. Why fight it any longer?

Damn, I’m poetic.

There are some truly wonderful moments that we should all get to experience in life. A child’s laugh, a glorious sunset, the love of family and friends.

And, of course, Rachel Bilson in tight jeans.

When it comes to the joys of life few things are quite as wonderful as Rachel Bilson’s sensational ass in a pair of tight jeans. Thank you Rachel for showing us what you got and for making life something precious for all of us to embrace.

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