August 2010

Julie Benz is cool, classy and sexy. She certainly knows how to dress as evidenced by her appearance last night at the Emmys. She showed up looking gorgeous and smartly realizing the best way to make a good impression is to leave her bra at home.

It’s obvious Julie understands what it means to be a hot babe. This is why I love her. She should’ve gotten an Emmy for Best Wardrobe Choice.

And then she should have won my cock. She definitely has earned it.


And don’t forget to cum again.

Stop the games. Stop the teasing. Come over here and fuck me, baby. You know you want me. Let’s make magic together.

This pic is two years old but if anybody complains they’re going to get smacked in the face. It’s Cindy Crawford topless. Who cares how old it is?

This pic was taken when Cindy C was on George Clooney’s yacht. How fucking cool is George Clooney. Hot married chicks come aboard his yacht and take their tops off. The guy is a god.

Look, we all know that Britney was in her prime at 18. That’s when she was a hot young slut looking to fuck. And fucking Britney when she was 18 was one of those great life achievements that will forever be remembered.

Well done, Justin Timberlake.

Ten years later Britney’s body has a few more pounds and she’s about a zillion times more crazy. But she’s still Britney and she’s still hotter than 80% of the population and her body in a bikini makes my cock quiver with delight.

That counts for a lot in my book. Well done, Brit.

Hilary Duff drove a knife through my heart when she married some hockey loser. The good news is marriages in Hollywood never last and she’s way too hot to be pinned down to one man for the rest of her life. Besides, have you seen this guy? He’s the same height as Hilary and she’s about 4-foot-10. Douche.

So I’ll just bide my time and wait patiently until she’s back on the market, ready for a great man like me to plunge my cock into her gorgeous ass.

Patience, my friends, is a virtue.

Oh, here’s Hilary’s fine married ass in jeans.

Great googala moogala.

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