June 2010

And I respond by stroking my cock.

It’s like Pavlovian.

I missed the pic on the right when I posted her luscious bikini pics last week and for that I am eternally sorry. Missing out on the opportunity to showcase her wonderous tits for all of you was a glaring mistake.

I hope you all forgive me.

It’s like a “Party of 5” day here at Undercover. First Jennifer Love Hewitt makes the blood rush to my cock and now Lacey Chabert makes my cock cum like a volcano erupting.

Best Sunday ever?

I’d still Love to fuck her.

See what I did there? Damn I’m clever.

I’m hearing good things about this smoking young piece of ass. We need to see more of her. And she needs to be riding my cock.

Turns out Miley isn’t the only hot piece of ass with a fine young bod to spring forth from the loins of “Hannah Montana.” Here is Emily Osment making my cock happy that it loves pussy.

It’s been obvious for months now that Miley Cyrus wants the entire world that she isn’t Hannah Montana anymore and that she’s a hot young slut who wants to fuck. And since I am an American and believe in freedom of expression I salute you Miley for being you.

My cock is standing at attention, too.

You go, girl. You show the world that you need to fuck and you want everyone out there cumming thinking about fucking you. I’ve already gotten a head start on that.

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