May 2010

I want to do her.

I like it.

A lot.

When I was in eighth grade there was a girl who used to wear tight white jeans all the time. She had an ass made for tight jeans and there was something about seeing that ass in tight white jeans that made my cock erupt with appreciation. I lost count of the number of times I came thinking about fucking her sweet ass but I’ll always remember how wonderful her ass looked in those tight white jeans.

Here now is Anne Hatheway helping me to recall those wonderful days gone by as she shows off her own fine ass in a pair tight white jeans.

My cock applauds you Anne Hatheway.

And hard.

Very, very hard.

Let’s not kid ourselves, Olivia Munn is a smoking hot piece of ass. The thing about Olivia, though, is she knows she’s hot and she comes across a little stuck up at times because of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to plunge my cock deep inside of her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t do anal but her mouth and pussy will work just fine.

Anyway, while Olivia is a bit standoffish, Alison Haislip has emerged as the G4 chick with the coolest vibe. She’s funny, hot and unlike Olivia, she doesn’t come across as being too cool for school. And she probably loves taking a cock up her ass.

She seems like that kinda girl.

So here’s Alison looking hot as always. Here’s hoping we see more of her.

In my bed.

Begging for me to fuck her.

It’s pretty damn obvious based on the dress she’s wearing don’t ya think?

She makes me want to cum.

And do all sorts of fun things to her sweet ass.

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