January 2010

Unless you watch “Community” (and I think me and the members of the cast are the only people who do), you probably don’t know who Alison Brie is. She plays a nerdy, sexually inexperienced chick on the show. As you can see from this photo, though, Alison has some seriously nice tits. I’ve also seen her on some interviews and she seems like a fun girl who’d be a great fuck.

Hopefully, the show explores this extremely important area for dramatic purposes real soon.

Until then, I’m going to look at this picture and cum real hard. It is Sunday after all.

My cock likes her.

There’s a new thing going around called “painting.” It’s where girls send pictures of themselves to guys so they can cum on them and send them back.

Kids today, huh?

I’m not really sure about that whole painting thing and I don’t think that’s what Michelle Trachtenberg has in mind with these pictures. But my cock is hard now and I am going to cum and I am going to think about fucking Michelle Trachtenberg.

I think all is right with the world.

Funny and sexy is a great combination and Amanda Bynes has it. Here is her video of her smokin hot Maxim photoshoo. She looks good enough to fuck.

And fuck and fuck and then fuck some more.

A wonderful ass is a joy to behold.

I think John Keats said that.

I’d love to get my lips all over them. She has the look of a girl who likes to fuck.

And there was much rejoicing.

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