August 2009

Too bad I just came thinking about three girls I know having a lesbian fuckfest with one another.

Later I cum for you Hilary. That’s a promise, my love.

Hilary Duff Instyle magazine shoot 001

Here Haylie comes out to play with her bountiful bosom demurely secured in a full-length dress.

I feel kinda gay having written that. But I know I’m not gay because the first thought I had while looking at this picture was how baldy I want to make passionate love to Haylie and her gorgeous jugs.

Haylie Duff3~26

Her tits are screaming for release in this red dress.

Let them come out and play, Brea. Let them come out and play.

Brea Grant-lloween001_122_422lo

I don’t watch “Gossip Girl” but I’m thinking maybe I should. After all, it has some of my favorite hot pieces of ass on the show like Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Michelle Trachtenberg and now Hilary Duff. Here is Hilary dressed for her role on “Gossip Girl” where she plays a hot piece of ass who likes to show off her tits and ass.

This, my friends, is good writing.

Hilary Duff96023_h1_122_201loHilary Duff96035_h6_122_165loHilary Duff96025_h3_122_1055lo

She’s such a tease.

I hear she’s a boring lay, though. What a waste of a gorgeous body.

Jennifer Aniston_ELLE001_123_620lo

Shorts are nice.


Looks like Alexis is trying to sex up her image. I like it. Show us some skin Rory. Make me cum.

alexis bledel_wwd___LJ__hires_hotties__misses_turner5_122_15lo

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