July 2009

Nice tits.

Amanda Bynes-black

Oh, and sister Hilary is looking hot as always. But here’s Haylie showing off her gigantic jugs – or at least one of those beauties – at some runway show last year. I know this is a bit dated but it still looks good enough to suck, doesn’t it?

Haylie Duff47839_STAR_69963_035_122_532lo

This chick is seriously underrated. She was one of the few good things about “Heroes” last season (maybe the only good thing) and she has a body that makes my cock stand at attention. She needs to start getting better roles and then get naked. Or do a sex tape with Hilary Duff. Or both. I think I’m gonna cum.

Brea Grant_Express004_122_2lo

I’m a very open-minded guy. There are a few things I’m not into but I’m cool with whatever people are into as long as nobody’s getting hurt. I detest close-minded people so if you get your rocks off shoving a carrot up your ass while singing “Candle In The Wind” by Elton John, go for it.

But one thing I can’t wrap my brain around is the whole S&M thing. Getting whipped and tied up and slapped around and all that stuff just doesn’t work for me. And I can’t understand the reason why people are into it. Again, I don’t look down at them; it’s just not my thing.

However, if I were to get tied up and slapped around and had my cock twisted and turned I would want Eliza Dushku to be the one doing it. I’d probably even pay good money for an hourlong session. But that’s cuz I’m a very loving and caring guy. On the inside.

So here’s Eliza dressed up to come see me tonight. Please God, let her use the whip with just the tassles on it.

eliza dushku-dominatrix_123_85lo

And by “it” I mean an incredible body and amazing (fake) tits.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I came thinking about fucking her. But I’ll add one more to the list tonight.


I’d like to slide my cock between them and cum all over them while I recite poetry to her.

I think that’s what Byron would want.

Haylie Duff~21

I’d love to feel my cock inside of her.

Amanda Bynes_a006

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