June 2009

Maybe this isn’t pretending. Maybe these two girls like to fuck each other. Either way, my cock is throbbing right now. Thank you girls.

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Hayden Panettiere has long been one of my favorites. Not only is she smoking hot, but she has the look about her of a chick who likes to fuck. Partying with Paris Hilton at the age of 15 was a pretty big clue as to what Hayden’s all about but a large number of blind items recently are painting a much more descriptive picture of what Hayden may be doing now that she’s a TV star. Among them:

1. She’s big into coke. This does nothing for me. Hopefully it’s a phase and not something that turns her into a drug-dependent loser. Isn’t Lindsay Lohan a cautionary tale for young actresses in Hollywood? Sure, it’s fun to fuck and get wasted every night but look at Lohan? She looks like a 50-year-old crack-addict. Wow, how hot.

2. She likes older men. Granted, they have to be rich older men but at least she likes them. I happen to like girls with an open mind. There’s nothing wrong with liking older men if you’re a younger girl.What two people of consenting age want to do with one another is nobody’s business. If you’re happy with who you have in you life or only liking people a certain age, that’s fine. That’s your choice. But don’t judge others whose choices differ from your own. There’s nothing gross or perverted about younger girls and older men. It’s your inability to expand your limited intelligence that’s the problem. So props to Hayden for not only liking older men but fucking a bunch of them. This is why she should be a hero.

3. She likes to fuck other girls. Now this I can really get on board with. One recent blind item said that while Hayden was in Cannes she had quite the three-some with her boyfriend and another chick. Another blind item said her new boyfriend likes to watch her fucking other girls. Sounds like a smart guy. I’d like to watch Hayden doing all sorts of fun things with other girls too. That’s my kind of party.

So the moral of this story is that Hayden Panettiere likes to fuck and she likes to party. Hopefully she loses the drug aspect of the latter and continues with the former – especially when it comes to fucking other girls. And for the love of God, please somebody get pics of this.

Until that time comes, here’s one of Hayden making my cock hard. Enjoy.


So I’m checking out My Space the other night and I’m wondering if I should change my profile. Right now it lists me as being incredibly wealthy, handsome, successful and looking for a girl who likes to fuck other girls with strap ons while I fuck her in the ass from behind.

You know the truth.

But I wonder if that’s not quite enough. I wonder if I should add more. Maybe stuff about my feelings and how I like puppies, flowers and sunshine and sitting on the beach with that special someone as the sun goes down.

Ummm, what the fuck is that about?

Oh, here’s Blake Lively’s profile. Great tits.

Swarovski Store Opening

Because you can never get too much Duff.


Oh, I’m not done yet. This fine piece of ass knows how to wear a black bikini. Her ass makes my mouth water. Her fake tits (yes, they’re fake but they’re spectacular) make my cock throb with excitement. She is everything I desire. I want her. I need her. Please Hilary, fuck me.


I want to fuck her.


My cock is in love.


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