May 2009

With just a hint of exposed tit for emphasis.



Shhhh. It’ll be our little secret.

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It’s Great Legs Day here on the undercover site. Next up is the luscious Kristen Bell. Can someone explain to me why a chick this hot is going out with such a gigantic loser? I don’t get women. They can have so much and often settle for so little.

Oh well.


Nice legs.

I’d like to cum all over them.

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You have to admire a girl who knows what she’s got and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. Amanda Bynes has got gorgeous stems and she loves to show ’em off. That’s why the world loves her.

And check out the dude behind her giving her the once over. I’m with ya brother.


Unlike the first one, this is going to include trades I think the teams should make and the picks I think they should make. So chances are, it will have nothing in common with the actual draft though I’m guessing my mock will help some of these teams a lot more than what we’ll actually see occur. Here goes:

1. LA Clippers – Blake Griffin. The no-brainer pick of the draft. The Clippers are rumored to be thinking about trading the pick which would be a perfectly Clipper-esque thing to do. When faced with the choice of taking a potential star or trading him, what would the Clippers to? Trade him, of course.

2. Minnesota – Ricky Rubio. (Memphis trades the second pick for Minnesota’s picks at 6, 18 and 26). This trade makes sense for both teams. The T’Wolves BADLY need a starting point guard and Rubio gives them a potentially great one. The Grizzlies have a talented young point guard in Mike Conley and badly need to add more young talent. This trade gives them that opportunity.

3. Oklahoma City – James Harden. I expect the Thunder to make a major mistake here and reach for Hakeem Thabeet but Harden is the No. 3 player in this draft. Although the Thunder already have Kevin Durant and Jeff Green on the wing and need help bad at center you can’t pass on someone of Harden’s talent.

4. Sacramento – Jrue Holiday. This pick is being telegraphed all over the place. The Kings need a young point guard to grow for the future and Holiday in my opinion is the second-best point guard in this draft after Rubio.

5. Phoenix – Demar DeRozan (Washington trades the 5th pick, Antwan JamisonĀ  and Mike James to Phoenix for Amare Stoudamire). The Suns need to clear salary and Stoudamire is talking about leaving. This gives them a chance to move up and get a potential stud wing player in DeRozan to help them rebuild for the future. Plus Jamison enables them to add a solid talent at forward as well. The Wizards get a superstar in Stoudamire who could push them into the playoffs.

6. Memphis – Tyreke Evans. The Grizzlies begin stockpiling more young talent. Evans is a potentially great guard who could play both backcourt positions. He forms a strong trio with Mike Conley and O.J. Mayo.

7. Golden State – Hakeem Thabeet. I think Thabeet may be the bust of the first round so I’m very reluctant to put him this high. But the fact is this draft is pretty poor and at this spot, gambling on Thabeet is probably worth the risk. Lord knows the Warriors need players who can at least defend a little.

8. New York. Jordan Hill. Hill needs to add strength and low-post skills but he’s long, athletic and has the skills to be a good player. Whether he’ll push himself is the question.

9. Toronto – Ty Lawson. The Raptors need depth behind Jose Calderon at point guard and Lawson has the ability to be a solid one.

10. Indiana – DeJuan Blair (Milwaukee trades the 10th pick and Dan Gadzuric to Indiana for Jeff Foster, the 13th pick and the 52nd pick). Blair could be the next Tractor Traylor so this is a very risky pick. But the Pacers need to get tougher and stronger on the boards. The one thing Blair should be able to do is rebound. The Bucks, meanwhile, upgrade significantly with Foster and don’t drop off much in terms of talent going from pick 10 to 13.

11. New Jersey – Eric Maynor. This is another team that needs depth at the point guard position. Maynor gives them that and should form a quality duo with Devin Harris.

12. Charlotte – Stephen Curry. Stephen’s father Dell had some very good seasons in Charlotte while with the Hornets. Stephen could do similar things as a scoring guard off the bench for the Bobcats.

13. Milwaukee – Earl Clark. The Bucks have a recent history of PFs who don’t defend well and lack the drive to maximize their talent. Clark very well could be the next Tim Thomas/Charlie Villanueva/Yi Jianlian. That’s a huge concern without a doubt. But at this point in this draft you won’t find a player with more talent and potential. The Bucks need more talent so it’s worth a roll of the dice.

14. Phoenix – Jonny Flynn. Flynn will probably go higher (rumors are the Bucks love him at 10) but that shouldn’t be the case. He’s small, isn’t a standout creator and is careless with the ball. He also projects to be a backup PG and not a starter in the NBA. This is a better spot for him in this draft. The Suns need some depth behind Steve Nash and Flynn is a decent pick at this point.

I’m starting to think that I’d really enjoy burying my cock inside of her. I know, it’s crazy right? Here I am offering up something so beautiful and so romantic when she’ll just settle for some rich pretty boy who will cheat on her the first chance he gets.

That’s chicks for ya.

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