April 2009

Lindsay The Whore’s little sister.

I’ll just post the picture.


She’s got a Fuck Me look in her eye that makes my cock sing.


Well if she insists.


I’ve been on a Rihanna roll lately. I guess you could say I’d like to roll Rihanna.

Who wouldn’t? Here’s another new pic of this hot piece of ass looking fine in a skin-tight dress. The kind of dress that says “Come here big boy and fuck me.

“If you’re rich and famous.”

Good thing my daddy struck it rich in the oil game.

Here I cum Rihanna. Here I cum.


Looking mighty fine. That’s one gorgeous ass.


And a great rack.

Premiere Ghosts of Girlfriends Past LA

There’s a rumor going around Hollywood which says Leelee Sobieski is making a little extra coin on the side as a dominatrix. Now I’m not into the whole S&M thing. Bondage, whips and chains and being tied up and all that isn’t really my cup of tea.

But then I looked at this picture of Leelee.

I looked at her magnificent tits.

And I thought that maybe having her make me do naughty things wouldn’t be bad after all.

Though I’d much rather watch her fuck Hilary Duff with a strap on.

Now that would be a session worth paying for.


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