And making me hard at the same time. What an amazing gift she possesses. I am going to cum first and figure out how she can do it all later. I think it’s what she would want me to do. And I do everything and anything my Chloe wants me to do.



I like hot chicks with great tits who show off their tits. Here’s Emily Osment, a hot chick with great tits showing off her tits. It’s like we were born under the same sign destined to be together forever. I think this means we should get married. Or at least fuck.

Yeah Emily, we should fuck. I’m here if you wanna fuck me. Just say the word. I promise I’ll say yes. Honest. No really, I mean it. I really will. Seriously. I’m not kidding. I really will.


I bet she fucks like a champion.


God those thighs. Those beautiful lovely, sexy thighs. They are my everything.


Here is Zoey Deutch. She is an actress. She is also Chloe Moretz’s friend. She also has very nice mambos. I am fairly certain Chloe has buried her lovely face between those mambos and loved them the way they deserve to be loved.

That’s what hot girl friends do with one another. At least that’s what they do in the movies that I watch. And I only watch the best movies because I have great cinematic taste.


And making my penis hard. I like that about her.


My sexual perfection.