I’m not a big fan of the “I’m topless but I’m covering my tits” pictures because they’re a lie. You’re not really topless. You’re covering up your tits. Don’t lie to me. I fucking hate that.

But I am a fan of Ariel Winter and my cock longs for her. So while this is another lame “Topless but not really topless because you’re clearly covering up your tits” picture I’ll let it slide if ArielĀ fucks me.

I think that’s a fair compromise.


Wouldn’t you like to fuck a Disney girl too?


I’m suddenly very hungry. Wanna eat that.


I’m kinda liking this girl in case you couldn’t tell.


Most definitely.

I had no idea who Alexis Burnett was until today but I’ve quickly become a big fan. Brighton Sharbino might be familiar to you if you’re a fan of “The Walking Dead.”

I would like to formally welcome both to my blog today. I’m willing to bet you’ll see plenty more of them going forward.


Ashley Tisdale was part of the Disney crop of hot young pieces of ass. She had a promising future as a hot young slut before she flushed it all down the toilet by foolishly getting married at a really young age. So bye bye career and prime slut years and hello Mrs. WhoeverTheFuckItIsSheMarried.

Go Ashley.

Anyway, here’s Ashley reminding us she’s still got a fine young bod. Unfortunately, it’s being wasted on one guy during her best slut years.

Chicks. I’ll never understand them.