I don’t know what Ashley Tisdale does anymore. She pissed away her prime fucking years by getting married. But that ass is still fantastic. No doubt about that.

“Avengers Infinity War” looks like it’s going to be fucking incredible. All the superheroes banding together to battle Thanos? Who doesn’t wanna see that?

Lizzie Olsen is part of all this as Scarlet Witch. I’m looking forward to seeing her in the film. If the entire film was her fucking Scarlett Johansson it would be the greatest film ever made. Alas, it shan’t be that. But it should still be fucking awesome.

And Lizzie’s tits will likely look incredible. Just like they do here.

Elizabeth Olsen

This is how you do it, ladies. This is so how you do it.

Selena Gomez-dress

So much talent on display.

Horrible taste in guys. Sensational ass.

For those of you who may not have noticed she has hair.

Selena Gomez-blonde