Olivia Munn

Now that’s a pose that tells me Olivia loves to be butt-fucked. And I do love a girl who loves to be butt-fucked.


Nice tits too.


The best part about the Oscars isn’t finding out who won. It’s seeing all the hot babes showing off their sexy bodies. That’s what makes me cum, not seeing that “Argo” won Best Picture this year.

“Argo?” Really?

Anyway, Jennifer Lawrence ditched her ugly wedding dress after winning her Oscar and brought out her jugs to celebrate the night. Olivia Munn made sure everyone knows she’s a hot slut who loves to fuck and Disney darling Debby Ryan continued her climb up the Sexy rankings with a nice little number of her own.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to give my cock a serious workout now.

784721202_jennifer_lawrence_vanity_fair_oscars_party_2013_06_122_145lo2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party - Red Carpet

Such a sweet, round ass. My cock would feel so good inside it.


And she likes showing them off.

I admire that in a hot slut.

Here’s a screengrab of the sexy Olivia Munn topless from the movie “Magic Mike,” which I didn’t see because it’s about male strippers. I’m sure there’s an audience somewhere in the world for that but it’s not my thing although if Olivia was topless in the entire movie I would definitely go see it. I’ve been hit and miss with Olivia over the years because she came across as a Grade A bitch. But I thought she was amazing in “The Newsroom” and there’s no denying her body is a wonderland (I just made that up). So I’m down with Olivia and would love for her to go down on me.

I didn’t watch The Emmys because they were on Sunday night and if you’re not watching football on Sundays in the fall you’re a Communist. So I didn’t see who brought out their tits in glorious fashion and I haven’t seen all the pics yet but I’m thinking it’s going to be very tough to beat out Olivia Munn this year. Olivia’s star is on the rise thanks to her outstanding work on “The Newsroom” as well as some possibly leaked cell phone pics that may or may not have been her.

Anyway, she’s hot and wanted the world to behold her glorious jugs. She’s clearly the front-runner to win The Emmy’s. It’s going to take some brilliant work on the part of some hot slut out there to beat her.

Now if’ you’ll excuse me I’m going to go beat off.

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