Olivia Munn

And she likes showing them off.

I admire that in a hot slut.

Here’s a screengrab of the sexy Olivia Munn topless from the movie “Magic Mike,” which I didn’t see because it’s about male strippers. I’m sure there’s an audience somewhere in the world for that but it’s not my thing although if Olivia was topless in the entire movie I would definitely go see it. I’ve been hit and miss with Olivia over the years because she came across as a Grade A bitch. But I thought she was amazing in “The Newsroom” and there’s no denying her body is a wonderland (I just made that up). So I’m down with Olivia and would love for her to go down on me.

I didn’t watch The Emmys because they were on Sunday night and if you’re not watching football on Sundays in the fall you’re a Communist. So I didn’t see who brought out their tits in glorious fashion and I haven’t seen all the pics yet but I’m thinking it’s going to be very tough to beat out Olivia Munn this year. Olivia’s star is on the rise thanks to her outstanding work on “The Newsroom” as well as some possibly leaked cell phone pics that may or may not have been her.

Anyway, she’s hot and wanted the world to behold her glorious jugs. She’s clearly the front-runner to win The Emmy’s. It’s going to take some brilliant work on the part of some hot slut out there to beat her.

Now if’ you’ll excuse me I’m going to go beat off.

I’ve written before that while I think Olivia Munn is smokin hot she comes across as a stuck-up bitch who thinks she’s far more impressive and special than she really is. The truth is she’s not very talented and when you’re an actress who’s hot but not talented the least you can do is get naked.

Wisely, Olivia has done just that in a movie I’ll never see called “Magic Mike.” Here’s Olivia showing off some of her strongest assets – her tits. She isn’t much of an actress and she definitely seems to be overly fond of herself but she does have nice tits.

And nice tits go a long way in my book.

I put the word “allegedly” in the headline even though I’m 99.9% convinced these pics of Munn are legit. But I’ve been wrong before. I once thought Lindsay Lohan would grow up to be a talented, smoking hot actress instead of a washed-up crackwhore whose career and looks peaked at age 17. So I’m not perfect. I could be wrong about these Munn pics being real.

But I’m not.

Well maybe I’m not. You be the judge.

Several reputable sites are running with the pics as definitely being Olivia Munn. I think I’m going to start fantasizing about her again.

By the way, it appears Olivia was lying about not liking anal sex. In one of the pics she talks about how much she enjoys getting butt-fucked. So she loses some points for being a lying bitch but she gains millions by being a lying bitch who loves to be butt-fucked. I can look past the lying. I’ll be too busy burying my cock in your sweet ass.

In addition to the alleged nude pic of Ms. Munn I posted earlier there are also some other pics that have surfaced which show her sharing her pics and some possible slutty talk with then boyfriend Chris Pine of “Star Trek” fame. I’m still skeptical she wrote everything on these pics but there are some folks who did a little research and are convinced it’s her work.

If that’s the case, I may very well nominate Olivia Munn for Whore of the Year because she’d definitely be into the hot slutty sex talk. And I have to love a chick who wants her ass licked even if she doesn’t want you to fuck it.

Decide for yourselves.

Olivia Munn is hot. She’s very hot. Unfortunately, she’s one of those chicks who knows she’s hot and often comes across like a huge fucking bitch as a result. That said, I’d still love to fuck her even if she doesn’t do anal for some baffling reason. It’s also possible she’s another slut who loves taking nude pictures of herself on her cell phone.

Below is a rumored nude pic of Olivia. It’s not confirmed yet whether this is her but the body shape certainly looks close. I like the fact she’s a slut. Now if she would do anal and stop being a bitch she’d be the perfect girl.

I included a couple of other pictures that definitely are Olivia so we can all cum together. The writing on the third pic was allegedly done by Olivia although I’m skeptical of that. Anyway, consider this my Sunday gift to all of you.

As you can see here, Olivia Munn has a wonderful ass. Unfortunately, Olivia is wasting this terrific sexual asset. You see, Olivia is on record saying she won’t be fucked in the ass. It makes no sense why a chick with a great ass who wears tight jeans so the world can check out her ass won’t partake in the joys of butt-fucking. It’s like having the world’s highest IQ and working the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

Fucking waste of talent.

Olivia can do whatever she wants. It’s her ass, after all. And if she just wants to be an ass tease that’s her right. But it means I won’t love her as much as she wants me to.

Sorry baby, those are the A, B, C’s of me.

I’m not as hot for Olivia Munn as I once was but she’s hot and she looks great in a bikini top. Too bad she doesn’t do anal. That’s what prevents her from being the perfect woman.

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