Kylie Jenner

In what is easily one of the nicest Christmas presents I’ve gotten so far this year blog reader BAP sent me this picture of Kylie. BAP, I have no idea if you’re a guy or a girl but I thank you for this. More importantly, my cock is throbbing and I’m going to cum. Nothing says Christmas like screaming out Kylie’s name while I’m cumming all over myself.

Kylie Jenner - oh yes

Somebody on my blog asked this week why I like asses so much. I don’t have a deep, highly intellectual answer to that other than I just do. I always have. When I see a nice ass, I get turned on. It’s my favorite female body part. Nothing else comes close.

A girl can have big tits and a terrible ass and not get it done for me. Conversely, if she has small tits and a dynamite ass my cock begins to throb immediately.

A fine ass always wins in my book. It always has.

I love pussy. Don’t get me wrong. But let me ask you this – when’s the last time a girl put on a pair of tight jeans and said “Damn, my pussy looks great in these jeans.”

So there you go.

Oh, and here’s Kylie Jenner’s ass because¬†every day¬†is a great day to look at her gorgeous ass.


With a capital “Y”

kylie1PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE Did Kylie Jenner get a boob job?!PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE Did Kylie Jenner get a boob job?!kylie4

With an ass that sweet it’d be a damn shame if she wasn’t into hot butt fucking fun.

Kylie Jenner-tight jeans

She really does have amazing jugs.


For the life of me I can’t figure out why someone hasn’t told Kylie Jenner her fake lips look terrible. Isn’t there anyone in her life at all who she might respect who could be honest with her? Guess not. Oh well, at least her tits still look fantastic.

And that’s a pretty damn good thing at the end of the day.


I’m sure this was a complete “accident.”

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