Kylie Jenner

This hot young slut clearly wants us all to cum. So why disappoint her? Let the orgasms begin.

Kylie Jenner Out in Calabasas on April 14001Kylie Jenner Out in Calabasas on April 14010

Selena Gomez is hanging out with Kylie and Kendall Jenner at Coachella this weekend. Based on this picture I think we can safely deduce that they are engaging in torrid lesbian 3somes whenever the opportunity arises. And when they are fucking, it’s Kylie pounding Selena’s pussy with a strap on while Selena buries her face between Kendall’s soft, luscious thighs.

One thing Selena absolutely is not doing, however, is engaging in all the drug use that goes on everywhere you turn at Coachella. No way. She’s just not that kinda girl.


Wrap those sexy thighs around my face and let me go to town baby.


I’ll say this about Kylie Jenner – she knows what the people want. Here she is in a dress slit way up to her pussy showing off plenty of leg and basically telling everyone to come over here and fuck her – assuming you’re rich and famous, of course. I’m neither but I’m still gonna cum for her and I’m pretty sure she’s cool with that.

Oh, I know nothing about these things but she’s clearly getting lip injections, right?

Kylie Jenner0001

Line forms behind me. I’m on my knees and ready to dive into that sweet teenage ass.

Kylie Jenner rocking denim at Sugarfish


That means it’s time to lust after those fine young asses.

Let the butt-fucking begin.

Kylie Jenner-tumblr_n3c41wBhqK1qjih1yo1_500Kendall Jenner-tumblr_n3cuadbTZd1qjih1yo1_500

I think this is a reasonable request. I think it would be great if she fucked me. I would like that a lot.


Or nothing at all.

So let it be written.

So let it be done.


Cum is about to flow people.

Oh yes, cum is about to flow.

That ass.

Those tits.

So much cum.

It’s everywhere.

I can’t stop cumming.


Who wants to join me?


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