Kendall Jenner

Of course she does.


I’m sure this was a complete “accident.”

And this time they’ve invited Hailey Baldwin to join them.


Her friend clearly approves. So do I.

Kendall Jenner-lick

There has to be a sex tape of these two sisters fucking right? I mean there just has to be. Or is Kris just making it available for the highest bidders among the truly rich and famous?


Totally random thought here – but I think butt fucking Kendall Jenner would be a whole lotta fun.

In case that last picture of Kylie Jenner being all shy and reserved didn’tĀ flip your trigger (and if it didn’t I’m assuming that’s because you’re dead) here is a picture of Kylie and big sister Kendall about to engage in some torrid outdoors lesbian fucking. The kind two sisters do when they’re part of the Kardashian clan.

Oh who am I kidding. Two sisters as hot as this fucking? I’m in.

I’m so in.


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