Kendall Jenner

So I’m perusing the Innerwebs today and I come across a blind item about a young TV star/model who allegedly has set up an escort profile on the Deep Web. For those of you unfamiliar with the Deep Web it’s the darkest place on the Internet where all sorts of things (many of which are illegal) are available to see, download, buy etc.

I’ve never surfed the Deep Web but the idea of Kendall Jenner being a high-priced whore is hardly difficult to believe. The entire Jenner/Kardashian clan are whores out for every last penny they can scavenge from the human race.

If any of my readers are Deep Web browsers I’d be forever grateful if you came across this alleged profile and confirmed it was indeed Kendall Jenner. The rest of us can dream about it and cum thinking about Kendall selling off her tight young teen bod to the highest bidders.


Just for one day. That’s all I ask. Give me one day to love these hot young pieces of ass the way they deserve to be loved. Is that really too much to ask for? I think not.


I’m not sure what it is. Give me a few minutes to examine the picture more closely. I’m sure it’ll come to me.

Come to me.

Get it?

I crack myself up.


I’d fuck her.

Several times.


Here is Kylie Jenner in a bikini. If this was the 4th of July I’d say she’s making my fireworks go off. Get it? But since it’s July 3 I’ll just say she makes me cum. A lot.

Kendall Jenner’s in a bikini too. Yes she’s hot but Kylie’s the one I really wanna fuck.


Of course you do.

And I know you want to fuck that sweet ass too.

I know my people.


There’s a blind item being reported by which says a manager is asking her clients to pretend to be bisexual in order to generate more publicity. The most common guesses so far are the manager is Kris Jenner and the celebrities in question are daughters Kylie and Kendall.

It’s easy to see why everyone assumes it’s Kris Jenner. First off, she’s a money-grubbing whore who will do anything to bring in as much cash as possible. After all, she was the mastermind behind her daughter’s sex tape which concluded with said daughter being pissed on.

I think we can safely assume that wasn’t done in one take, at least not to Kris’ satisfaction.

“No, no, no. Don’t just piss on her. Make sure you cover her face with it. That’s the money shot.”

Anyway, Kris Jenner is a whore and she may now apparently want at least one of her daughters to pretend to fuck other girls. The funny thing is I’m willing to wager a year’s salary that both Kylie and Kendall like fucking other girls for free. Kylie definitely has the bi-vibe all over her. So I can’t imagine this is going to be a hard sell.

The only question I have is will Kylie’s sex tape be one where she’s engaging in a torrid all-girl lesbian orgy. You wanna drum up publicity, mom? THAT’S how you do it. Call me. I have plenty of ideas for a script.


Here are the Jenner sisters frolicking with some dude today for a photo shoot. I apologize for including the guy in this picture but try to ignore him – or focus on him if that’s your thing; I don’t judge – and take a good look at Kendall’s tight ass and Kylie’s fantastic tits. That’s how I wanna spend my Monday with those tits in my face and that ass on the receiving end of my throbbing cock.

Come get me girls. I am all yours.


My god they are amazing. Those are the kinds of thighs you pledge your undying love and devotion to. The kind of thighs you love and cherish and honor and part and work your way to paradise.

I apologize for the greasy looking dude in the picture but just look at Kylie Jenner’s thighs. Yeah, I know Kendall Jenner’s in the picture too and she’s hot and all but look at Kylie’s thighs. And then cum. Oh yes, we shall all be cumming.

Kylie Jenner-thighs

Just so we’re clear, I love whores. So this is the highest compliment I can bestow upon young Kendall. All hot young pieces of ass should dress like Kendall does here. She’s a fashion visionary.

Kendall Jenner arrives on the red carpet at the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) in Toronto

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