Jennifer Love Hewitt

I think everyone would have completely understood if Ellen let loose her lesbian lust upon seeing Love Hewitt today. In fact, I think it may have resulted in a series of Lifetime Emmy’s for Ellen. I know if Love Hewitt walked onto my set in that outfit she wouldn’t leave without a thorough fucking. Or at the very least I’d cum all over those amazing jugs.


Something must be up with this chick that she can’t ever seem to keep a guy around for long. But I’d still like to fuck her and find out. I’d then report my findings back here for all of you. Consider it a scientific mission of lust.


Like many things in life they are very nice but wildly overpaid.

Sorry sweetheart but your jugs aren’t worth $5 million. Tell you what, though, I’ll give you $500 if you let me motorboat them for an hour and then cum all over them.

Think about it and get back to me, ok? I’ll be here all day.


How does one apply for this job? I don’t remember seeing this course when I went to college. Trust me, if I had seen Ass Painting 101 I would’ve been first in line to sign up and I would’ve never missed a class. Hell I would’ve gladly stayed after class and done all the extra credit in the world.

Anyway, Jennifer Love Hewitt has an ass painter. That really should be me. Why does God hate me so?


The only thing that kept my interest about “The Client List” last season is that it understood its primary focal point was Jennifer Love Hewitt dressed up like a hot piece of ass. In that respect, the show was utterly amazing because Love Hewitt remains a very hot piece of ass.

So here’s Love Hewitt in a video promoting Season 2 of “The Client List.” To the surprise of no one the focal point is Love Hewitt dressed up like a hot piece of ass.

This show may not be “The Walking Dead” or “Breaking Bad,” but it knows what I like. And I like Love Hewitt.

There’s something about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s majestic breasts which make me happy. I think it may be the fact they’re so big and beautiful and Love has never been shy about showing them off. Put all of that together and suddenly my cock starts to throb with delight and I very much want to kiss, lick and suck on those wonderful tits until the lust overwhelms both of us.

Yeah, that sounds like a good way to spend a Wednesday.

She also has fantastic jugs.

Jennifer Love Hewitt was on “Conan” last night and I’m not sure people knew this already but she has an amazing rack. In case you didn’t know, Jennifer was only too happy to show off her tits in a cleavage-bearing dress. I’m not sure if the ratings for “Conan” went up during her appearance but my cock is definitely standing at attention now.


By guns I mean tits. Love Hewitt’s jugs have always been magnificent and she spared no expense to showcase those lovely mounds of love at the premiere of her new show, “The Client List.” The stars of this show are her tits and they have been featured prominently in all of the promotion for the show which will be on Lifetime. I plan on watching. I also plan on cumming a lot while I’m watching. Pretty sure that’s what Lifetime had in mind when they put this show together.

Bravo Lifetime.

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